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“Stargazer Lily” Original Woodburned and Painted Artwork


In a canvas woven with the tapestry of twilight hues, a lone figure emerges, poised amidst a verdant oasis. She is the muse of the evening, her presence a hymn to celestial beauty. Adorned in robes of dusk's embrace, she stands as a luminous beacon, ethereal and serene.

Around her, a garden of stargazer lilies unfurls, their delicate petals reaching toward the heavens like eager supplicants. Each blossom, a celestial sentinel, whispers secrets of the cosmos to the night breeze, their fragrance a symphony of dreams.

Here, amidst the celestial choir of flowers and stars, the lady stands as a testament to the beauty that lies beyond the veil of reality, beckoning the beholder to immerse themselves in the wonder of the universe.

This original wood-burned piece is 11 X 14 inches, created on cradled birch. I first woodburn the piece, then paint with watercolor, and coat with several layers of UV spray. The sides of the piece are also wood-burned and measure 5/8 of an inch thick. (Wood-burning is also known as pyrography, which translates to ‘burning with fire’.)

I wrote a poem for each piece, inviting further contemplation into our experiences here on earth.

The poem that goes along with the piece is:

The stargazer lily,
by both young and old,

For it is beautiful,
lovely and bold.....