Artist Statement

In my work, imagination reigns supreme.  I like to dance the boundaries between reality and surreality, where beauty is boundless and eternally captivating. I want my creations to be a visual narrative of intangible whispers that traverse the fringes of conciousness. My subjects unfold like a delicate bloom that capture the essence of the feminine spirit– one of both strength and vulnerability. 

Layers of burned wood and paint intertwine with luminous hues to create a dreamscape of the intangible. Each piece has a poem attached, inviting further contemplation into our experiences here on earth. I describe my work as whimsical, ethereal, beautiful – a celebration of universal truths. 

I hope my work to be a visual tapestry of enchantment and wonder. I want to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, making the mundane into whimsical magic that sparks joy and delight.  My pieces are a dreamscape where reality and fantasy coalesce creating a timeless allure of the feminine mystique. Where fragments of dreams and poetry help us deal with universal challenges of the human condition. 

In essence, I am inspired by so many things: people, beauty, nature, dreams, music, poetry. . . life! I want to create art that is beautiful, meaningful, personal, and symbolic: to provide inspiration, a sense of magic, and hope.