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Angel Decorative Mini Wooden Purse Box for Heirlooms, Jewelry, Trinkets - Titled "Shimmer"


Enjoy this decorative, tiny wooden purse box! This one is called “Shimmer.”
Note that there are two images for this purse, an angel for the front and a butterfly for the back. The sides are also adorned with floral and butterfly imagery.

This adorable, mini wooden purse will make a great gift for any art lover. Or if you love lowbrow art, pop surrealism, art nouveau, feminine, whimsical, beautiful art--enjoy it for yourself! I am inspired by nature, people, dreams, poetry, music, and life!
I was inspired by angels and butterflies for this one as caterpillars build a cocoon and emerge as a new butterfly - a symbol for rebirth and renewal. Flowers are a symbol for the ability to grow, learn, and evolve into a beautiful being. An angel protects you from harm and encourages you to live life to the fullest without fear.
Use your decorative purse as a memorabilia box to house jewelry, special brooches or jewelry, heirlooms, or small trinkets. This purse box will be passed down to future generations. Collect them for a unique menagerie that nobody else will own!

Each purse is wood burned and then colored with watercolor pencils. I coat with several layers of UV spray for protection. I lined the inside with turquoise felt for a soft, luxurious feel. This one has an 8 ½ inch handle made of braided colored metal--gold, silver, and turquoise. The strap is held on by lobster claws and is removable. These purses are one of a kind and original. There are no replications.

Purse Size:
Outside long side: 7 inches
Outside short side: 4 ⅝ inches
Outside depth: 2 ⅝ inches
Inside long side: 6 inches
Inside short side: 4 ⅛ inches
Depth of bottom: 1 ⅝ inches
Depth of top: ⅝ of an inch

Note size of the purse: Purse will NOT fit most cell phones. These purses are decorative, yet functional with light and careful use. Do not display in direct sunlight or fading may occur.

Enjoy this one of a kind, unique piece of art that is sure to delight you or your gift recipient!